Jochen Zeitz

Former CEO & President of PUMA and founder of the Zeitz Foundation of Germany

My initial visit to Monte Azul was to invite Monte Azul to join the Zeitz Foundation’s group of Long Run Destinations. Monte Azul was evaluated for its performance in what we call the 4 Cs, Conservation, Culture, Community and Commerce and after a challenging process was granted a certification by the Zeitz Foundation. 

I was impressed by the natural beauty of the area and pleasantly surprised by its location, the strong ties to its community and the passion of its founders. It was like being privy to a well-kept secret. Monte Azul offers a unique level of comfort, service and privacy, as well as an opportunity to experience Costa Rica in all its authenticity. I appreciated the originality and understated elegance, in addition to the attention to detail in everything that Monte Azul creates for the comfort of its guests. I would highly recommend Monte Azul to those who are looking for a unique destination that is dedicated to achieving sustainability, and to be part of any diverse Costa Rica travel agenda.