“Photograph by ©Karla Solano”

Claire Breukel

Claire Breukel

Curator | Miami, New York

“The creative paradigm of Monte Azul’s art programming and exhibition space, is a breath of fresh air.

The multidisciplinary and practical approach to creative practices speak to contemporary art globally, and offers an immersive, creative experience that brings people back to, or closer to, the principals of creativity.

The program is completely symbiotic, employing local artists as well as exhibiting established and emerging Costa Rican artists with other international artists who have stayed at Monte Azul as part of the Residency Program.”

Jennifer Rubbell

Jennifer Rubell

Artist | New York

“Monte Azul is a magical place, like visiting friends who know everyone in a very exotic neighborhood and devote themselves to helping you discover whomever and whatever your soul craves.

I have never been to any place quite like it, the place is at once intimate as it is vast. My walks through a rainforest backyard filled with such otherwordly wonders that it was hard to believe that I was still on Earth at all.”
Shelly Spector

Shelley Spector

Artist | Philadelphia

Resident Artist by the generous support of a
Private Patron

“As an artist, my life has been one of getting by – however I can. While digging deep and focusing inward to make work is an indulgence, I have found it necessary to counterbalance this with a lack of indulgence in other areas of my life.

What Monte Azul did for me with its outstanding beauty of place, exceptional quality of people, support, encouragement, and generous spirit is to fuel my studio practice with an abundance of all these good things. This reached deep inside me and fed those same places from where I draw my work.”

Stacy Levy

Stacey Levy

Artist | Pennsylvania

Resident Artist by the generous support of the Michael Martin Galleries Foundation of San Francisco

“Monte Azul rates highly along with Pilchuk and Haystack, in the quality of experience and positive impact it has had on my work.​

I felt completely at ease, while energized at the same time, with the freedom to experiment in media that took me out of my daily studio experience. I was surprised at how much of this I actually applied in my practice, and how much of my experience at Monte Azul resurfaced later in my work.

Hai Zhang

Hai Zhang

Artist | New York

“I must say the experience at Monte Azul was pivotal to my career. The experience there transformed my concept of climate, community and migration from the abstract into solid human experience.

I was able to immerse myself in the local community, and discover to my delight that Monte Azul offers the opportunity to learn about the cultural, ecological and economical realities of that area of Costa Rica.

Carlos also provided me with his critical eye and knowledge of art, which was essential throughout the residency program. I appreciated the magnitude of freedom in terms of exploring my work, and returned for a second term to Monte Azul. The body of work I produced was published and exhibited in museums in the US, France and China.”

Henry Jackson

Henry Jackson

Artist | San Francisco

“To me, Monte Azul represents the beginning of creation – the cultivating of things – both newness and renewal. It is what making art is all about.

I found myself lost in shapes and colors that constantly yielded new thoughts and ideas. These are truly spiritual grounds for creativity and new awakenings.

Much of it got lost in my senses, rather than wanting to capture and depict such wildlife, I found myself dwarfed in it’s enormity. I simply stood back and took in, or better yet, became one with it. Such an experience stays with one’s self long after leaving Monte Azul.”

Federico Guerrero

Federico Herrero

Artist | Costa Rica

“Painting and working at the studio it was one of the most inspiring things I have experienced, with the embrace of the mountains and all the life that was there, looking at you, staring with curiosity.

There are times in life when one feels just fine, there is clarity and peace… the times I have been in Monte Azul have been like that.

I spent almost six weeks at this incredible place, producing work for my professional commitments, while also taking time to experiment with monotyping, something I had never considered trying before. These works on paper captured the freedom I felt here and helped my rethink many aspects of my work, focusing on new ideas and inspiration.

I look forward to returning!”

Suzy Davidoff

Suzy Davidoff

Artist | El Paso, TX

“Working as an artist at Monte Azul is a gift –a gift of time and space that allows for creativity without the constraints of everday life.

To wake up with the sounds of birds and monkeys in the trees, to walk through the rainforest and along the Río Chirripó every morning on the way to the studio, during which I had the opportunity to stop, observe, and eventually bring a new piece of that daily experience with me into the Monte Azul Studio.

Best of all, to be surrounded by creative, generous and kind people who understand what it means work as an artist, makes the experience at Monte Azul magical and unforgettable.”