Tara Thacker, recipient of the MACA Fellowship Award

Monte Azul Center for the Arts is pleased to host artist Tara Thacker as a MACA Fellowship Awardee. Thacker will be among the first artists to produce work at the new facilities.

“At the heart of my artwork is a love of materiality and an ongoing fascination with the process of transformation. I am absorbed in a labor-intensive creative process, bordering on obsessive. Each part is unique and serves as an architectural component which I combine in various ways to discover how they behave visually. I want even more to make something of it, to transcend its initial existence, and to create a new, unforeseen surface or landscape. Through abstraction, I aim to draw a connection between observation and memory.”

Thacker will immerse herself in the landscape, flora, and fauna of our tropical highland location to absorb the exuberance that surrounds us here. She will produce a series of monotypes on our Griffin printing press, and the resulting body of work will be exhibited on-site and at the Stewart Gallery.

For information about the work by Tara Thacker, please contact:
MACA Carlos Rojas Jara at carlos@monteazulcr.com
Stewart Gallery, Seffan Bune at seffan@stewartgallery.com