Federico Herrero

Artist, Costa Rica

One of the things that I enjoyed the most during my time at Monte Azul, in addition to the design and comfort, was the people I met there, the people from at Monte Azul as well as the people from the town of Chimirol. Everyone was a character, and there was so much kindness, I can only think that nature can bring these things out in people. However, there is something else about the valley where Monte Azul is located, something magical.

I have never been very lucky in seeing animals in the wild, but at the studio they actually came to me! I saw for the first and only time so far a Tolomuco (Tyra in English), an animal that looked like a combination of a fox and a cat, like some being not from this Earth. This animal moves with such grace within the forest, I can’t stop thinking about it. While painting and working at the studio it was one of the most inspiring things I have experienced, with the embrace of the mountains and all the life that was there, looking at you, staring with curiosity.

There are times in life when one feels just fine, like if there is some clarity and peace, the times I have been in Monte Azul have been like that.