Farrell and Malin Families

Guests from San Francisco

We are still remembering with pleasure our amazing trip to Costa Rica, thank you for all that you did to make it so special!

From the wonderful accommodations, special excursions, dinner in your home and all of the tasty food to the lovely staff and company, we really had an amazing time.

We thought that you would be happy to know that your wonderful Monte Azul has been an inspiration. An inspiration for closer friendships, for more get togethers, for thinking about Costa Rican artists, and now for inspiring kids to want to help other kids!

We all noticed how lovely not only you all at Monte Azul are but also all of the wonderful people we got to meet in Costa Rica. All warm, welcoming and always on time! 

We were struck by how you have not only built a beautiful and sustainable facility, but also really have become a part of the community. How exciting that our trip to your Monte Azul could inspire so many wonderful things, especially bringing out philanthropy at the young age of our children. I love the fact that the reason we came to Monte Azul was because of your very generous philanthropic efforts and who knew that that would inspire philanthropy for your backyard from 10 year olds in San Francisco.