Judy Kushner-DeGroot

Guest from Boston

…I want to let you know that having been to Costa Rica twice now, visiting and experiencing very different parts of the country. But when I combine all of the amazing places we have been and stayed at, I must tell you that Monte Azul rises to the top of them all. Not more than a couple of days go by without thinking and remembering. 

It was truly a sensory delight for me; the sights, the amazing sounds, the smells, the beauty everywhere (from your furniture, design elements, art, food, and every touch). It was extraordinarily healing for me. I could feel lying in bed at night that I was breathing in the purest of air into my lungs, cleansing and releasing the stress I was carrying. 

The sounds of the river and the jungle sounds along with the river sounds at night also moved through me and brought me incredible healing. One night I turned on the microphone on my iphone and recorded the sounds. I transferred it on to i tunes and many nights here at home I listen to the sounds and let them carry me right back to Monte Azul. 

…I think of you both and as I said, Monte Azul is never far from my heart and soul…